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Can a Chiropractor Help with Tennis Elbow Pain?

Date: Jun 4, 2021
Tennis elbow is the popular name of a form of tendinitis of the arm, called lateral epicondylitis. You may have suffered from it, even if you are not a tennis player. This condition is triggered by intense and repetitive use of the elbow in various other sports and physical activities. ...
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Fighting Autism By Correcting the Upper Cervical Spine

Date: Mar 23, 2018
Autism Disorders and Natural Healing  The general public is aware of the massive onslaught of children affected with autism disorders.  As of 2016, the prevalence of the disorder was found in 1 in 42 boys and 1 in 189 girls.  Autism spectrum disorders have become an epidemic and the controversy surrounding its cause is growing.  In ...
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