Eustachian tube dysfunction treatment Sarasota and Tampa Bay

Posted in Head Disorders on Oct 11, 2021

Eustachian tube dysfunction is a condition that causes the tubebetween the throat and the inner ear to constrict. When theEustachian tube is closed it leads to a host of uncomfortablesymptoms such as a feeling of pressure or fullness in the ear,inability to pop the inner ear, crackling sounds, tinnitus, fluidbuild up in the inner ear, and loss of hearing.

Over the past 20 years, our offices have helped hundreds ofpatients with Eustachian tube dysfunction. Eustachian tubedysfunction is rarely present by itself but rather is commonlyassociated with Ménière”s disease, vertigo, TMJ syndrome, tinnitus,and cognitive fog. In this article, we would like to illuminate

Eustachian tube dysfunctions' close association to uppercervical spine injury and misalignment. We will discuss its rootcauses, talk about a case study from the office, and then discusswhat you can do naturally to overcome this stubborn andlife-altering condition.

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Eustachian tube dysfunction - what is its cause?

The Eustachian tube is an open canal that Donny Coates betweenthe throat and inner ear. When functioning properly it is patent(open). When Eustachian tube dysfunction occurs, the Eustachiantube closes off and communication between the throat and inner earis closed off. This then leads to the fluid being trapped in theinner ear, fullness in the ear, hearing deficits, and more. Thequestion is what’s causing the Eustachian tube to close?

In our experience with this condition, there are three factorsthat contribute to Eustachian tube dysfunction.

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  • Upper cervical misalignment
  • Allergy
  • Congenitally small Eustachian tubes 

The role of upper cervical spine injury, spinal misalignment,and Eustachian tube dysfunction

The Eustachian tube is lined by several muscles, the tensor velipalatini and …….. When these muscles lose their normal tone theEustachian tube collapses. The muscles that control the Eustachiantube are controlled by nerves that emanate from the brainstemlocated in the upper cervical spine. Spinal trauma such as caraccidents, sports injuries, and other blunt trauma can misalign thejoints in the upper cervical spine leading to brainsteminterference leading to a cascade of detrimental effects to thebody one of which being Eustachian tube dysfunction.

Allergies and Eustachian tube dysfunction

Allergies result in information. If someone suffers fromallergies it can lead to inflammation in the lining of the sinusesand Eustachian tube making someone more susceptible to Eustachiantube dysfunction. Some patients have a combination of allergies andupper neck misalignments that are responsible for the issues whileothers are solely due to upper neck misalignment. Over the pasttwenty years, we have found that the upper cervical spine is by farsnd away the main reason most suffer from Eustachian tubedysfunction.

Congenitally Small Eustachian tubes

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The third precipitating factor that can make people susceptibleto Eustachian tube dysfunction is congenitally small Eustachiantubes. This factor is generic and even though it can be underlyingeustachian tube problems it is rarely the main cause.

What can you do to naturally treat Eustachian tube dysfunctionin Sarasota and Tampa Bay?

Upper cervical chiropractors are specially trained to locate,analyze and correct spinal misalignments in the upper cervicalspine. As we discussed, irritation and interference to the centralnervous system can result from spinal misalignment. The goal of theupper cervical chiropractor is to locate these misalignments andcorrect them to allow the body to restore normal function andhealth.

Listen to a patient's story - overcoming Eustachian tubenaturally with Blair upper cervical care

Dr. Hall is seriously a miracle worker. I was skeptical beforegoing to see him because I did not think he would be able to helpme, I couldn’t see how. I suffered from severe vertigo attacks andhad been dealing with sporadic attacks for 6 years. Then, for acouple of months before going to see Dr. Hall I was having attacksevery day, several times a day. They were completely debilitating.I couldn’t drive, I couldn’t take care of my baby, it was awful. Ialso had hearing loss coupled with vertigo. It’s a condition calledMénière’s disease.

Anyway, I was wearing hearing aids and still could not hearanything! Now, since seeing Dr. Hall, my vertigo has essentiallycompletely subsided (I’ll still have a “blip” here or there butthey aren’t even debilitating anymore and only when I’m out ofalignment), and my hearing is SO much better. I don’t have to wearhearing aids anymore and I can understand people so well.

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My whole quality of life has improved too, not just becausevertigo has subsided, but also because I have more energy, I sleepbetter, I don’t have as many headaches, I feel happier, etc. Dr.Hall can help heal/improve a plethora of problems you might beexperiencing, that are all sourced from your neck being out ofalignment.

Whatever health symptom you might be suffering from he can mostlikely treat and make it so much better and/or go away completely.He and his staff are so amazing, they care about their patients,they are fair, honest, and have your best interests at heart. Gosee Dr. Hall, you will NOT be disappointed!!!!

The above story can be found at google reviews for our LosAngeles office here.

What Exactly Does a Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractor do?

Blair Upper Cervical doctors are specially trained to locatespinal misalignments in the upper cervical spine and correct them.Spinal misalignments are located by running a battery ofneurological tests that locate the spinal segments that have beeninjured and misaligned by a prior neck injury.

 Once located, precision imaging in the form of digitalx-ray or cone-beam computed tomography (Cbct) is used to preciselydetermine which joint has misaligned and the angulation of themisaligned joint. Each person’s anatomy is different and thereforeimaging is used to uncover the blueprint to be used to correct eachpatient’s individual misalignment pattern.

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Once this information is gleaned, a gentle, light correction ismade without twisting, popping, or pulling. The patient is thenmonitored overtime to ensure that the correction is holding. If thetesting indicates the need for another correction, then it isperformed.

However, the goal of Blair Upper Cervical Care is for thepatient to stay in “adjustment”. It isn’t the correction thatproduces healing. It is the removal of nerve irritation and theadjustment “holding” in its normal position that allows the body tofunction better and proceed through a healing process. 

This is how Blair Chiropractic care can often help remove theunderlying cause of many who suffer from Eustachian tubedysfunction, tinnitus, Vertigo, Meniere’s disease, neck pain,migraine headaches, and other chronic health problems by supportingthe body in healing itself.

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