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Many people throughout the country are discovering upper cervical chiropractic. In our Sarasota, Bradenton, and Tampa Bay Area clinic we find that half of the patients that find us online find us because someone in an online support group raves about their recovery following upper cervical correction.

Thankfully, the internet has allowed the public to find health information that they would otherwise never come across in the mainstream system. In fact , the author of this article , Dr. Hall , found healing through upper cervical as the result of an avant- guard homeopath’s recommendation 29 years ago. In this article we would like to give you, the reader, a cursory understanding of what upper cervical care is and how it can help you or a loved one recover their lost health.

What is upper cervical care ? 

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Upper cervical care is a niche chiropractic technique which focuses all of its attention on the detection, correction, and maintenance of the proper position, motion, and function of the upper cervical spine. Most of us through our life process encounter trauma.

Whether that be a car accident, sports injury, or slip snd fall. Blunt type trauma causes injury to the soft tissue of the upper cervical spine leading to loss of joint motion, muscle tightness, postural changes, and inevitably irritates the central nervous system which leads to a cascade of ill effects to the bodies health.

The engineering of the upper cervical spine makes it vulnerable to spinal misalignment. The average head weighs 10-12 pounds and rests on the first cervical vertebrae called the atlas weighing two ounces. These two structures are balanced upon a “stick”, your neck. The rest of the spine is well armored by the rib cage, the shoulder girdle, and pelvic girdle. As a result of these factors the skull neck relationship is the most easily misaligned region of the spine.

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If the upper cervical spine misalignes what’s the big deal? The skull atlas and axis house the most vital structure of the body, the brainstem. The brainstem is an extension of the lower region of the brain and is responsible for all of the automatic ( autonomic) functions of the body. Sleep, heart function, respiratory function, blood pressure control, postural muscle tone, thermoregulation, and many other functions of the body are regulated by nuclei in the brainstem.

Spinal misalignment in the upper neck can irritate this vital structure and lead to a plethora of conditions that most people in the public would never relate to the cervical spine. With that said the most common conditions that walk into our office are:

  •  Chronic pain conditions
  •  Trigeminal, occipital, and glossopharyngeal neuralgia
  •  Vertigo and Ménière’s disease
  •  Migraine headaches
  •  Neck and back pain
  •  Post concussion syndrome
  •  Anxiety and depression
  •  Chronic sinusitis
  •  Insomnia
  •  Cognitive problems
  •  Fatigue

The goal of upper cervical care is to correct spinal misalignments in the neck to restore normal nervous system function and health. In order to accomplish this it takes time and it requires being free and clear of spinal misalignment. This is accomplished through monitoring over time and correcting spinal misalignment when it occurs.

Listen to what some of our patients have to say :

Google review - Sarasota upper cervical 

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Ménière’s Disease - Tinnitus, Vertigo, Brain Fog, Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and Your Neck!

Nov 22, 2022

I went to see Dr. Hall this week after a whiplash injury that left me with chronic headaches, neck and shoulder pain, ear problems, and halos in my vision. After doing extensive research about Upper Cervical, I decided to fly from Michigan to Sarasota so that I could be seen by Dr. Hall.

He examined me and then scanned me using a cutting edge 3D Cone Beam CT Scan (the scan literally took 10 seconds, I was amazed) and then showed me exactly where I was out of alignment. There was a very noticeable subluxation in my axis (C2) and my atlas (C1) was also out of alignment to a lesser extent. He adjusted my axis first, then gently turned me over and adjusted my atlas, and the headache that I had had since the injury was INSTANTLY gone.

That night was the first time I had been able to get a good night's sleep in weeks. I owe Dr. Hall my life, and if you have any reservations about seeing him for your health concern, just know that he's the best at what he does and that you're in very skilled hands. I was scared to get adjusted but Dr. Hall only delivers precision adjustments exactly where you need them so he's not "cracking your neck" like regular chiropractors. I am beyond grateful... thank you so much Dr. Hall, you gave me my life back!

Google review-Los Angeles Upper Cervical

About a year ago I started having so many issues. It started with pressure in the back of my skull n pain at the base of my skull. After several trips to the E.R and every kind of testing imaginable I was told I had an ear issue. Had many visits with an ear dr who dosed me up on steroids which left long lasting issues. I was shaking 24/7, had no strength, no appetite, stopped sleeping mostly.

My quality of life was deteriorating quickly. I even had to start seeing a neurologist because it was so bad. Finally after getting a proper MRI done of my head AND neck found out I had several neck issues and then I said enough is enough. I'm researching things myself and not trusting anymore of these doctors who were guessing on what was wrong.

I found Dr Drew on youtube by chance and he was within driving distance so I like many others took a chance since he was my last hope. He found on my x-rays I had a few things going on and we figured out it was most likely from an old car accident that had really messed me up. I have been going to him ever since!

Now I sleep normal, my appetite is back, anxiety mostly gone (huge improvement) and I overall feel like myself again when I didn't think I ever would. Western medicine can be good at times but overall those types of Drs don't focus on healing and finding the true cause.

They usually try n mask everything which tends to make matters worse. I am beyond thankful to have found Dr Drew. He and the staff there are all so awesome and it truly was on of the best decisions I ever made. Thank you so much you guys. 

What exactly does an upper cervical chiropractor do? Bradenton , Venice, Sarasota , Tampa Bay Upper Cervical

Blair Upper Cervical doctors are specially trained to locate spinal misalignments in the upper cervical spine and correct them. Spinal misalignments are located by running a battery of neurological tests that locate the spinal segments that have been injured and misaligned by a prior neck injury.

 Once located, precision imaging in the form of digital x-ray or cone-beam computed tomography (Cbct) is used to precisely determine which joint has misaligned and the angulation of the misaligned joint. Each person’s anatomy is different and therefore imaging is used to uncover the blueprint to be used to correct each patient’s individual misalignment pattern.

Once this information is gleaned, a gentle, light correction is made without twisting, popping, or pulling. The patient is then monitored over time to ensure that the correction is holding. If the testing indicates the need for another correction, then it is performed.

However, the goal of Blair Upper Cervical Care is for the patient to stay in “adjustment”. It isn’t the correction that produces healing. It is the removal of nerve irritation and the adjustment “holding” in its normal position that allows the body to function better and proceed through a healing process. 

This is how Blair Chiropractic care can often help remove the underlying cause of many who suffer from Eustachian tube dysfunction, tinnitus, Vertigo, Meniere’s disease, neck pain, migraine headaches and other chronic health problems by supporting the body in healing itself.

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