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Countless patients seek out upper cervical chiropractic care. The young, the old, and the famous. Whether you are 30 years old, whether you are a construction worker, a housewife, or an A-list actor, if your upper cervical spine is misaligned you cannot function optimally. Olivia Newton-John and others seek out top-notch, precise, quality upper cervical chiropractic care to maximize their body's nervous system function and health.  

The Blair upper cervical procedure is precise, gentle, and effective. Unlike traditional chiropractic, the procedures corrective process uses no twisting, popping, or pulling. The spinal correction is made in a neutral position and all corrections are based on the precision x-ray that allows the doctor to custom tailor the correction to the patient's unique anatomy and misalignment direction. If you are chronically ill or just wanting to increase your body's ability to function better come discover the Blair upper cervical care difference!

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About Matt Leblanc - “Joey”

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Patients seek out upper cervical chiropractic care for a variety of reasons. Some are chronically ill and have been shuffled around the health care system with zero results and are desperate for a solution and relief. Others find their way into our office because a loved one recovered their health and they refer their family member so they can maintain health and not get sick in the first place.

Actors, like “Joey”, are human and even though they have a larger-than-life persona through TV in their private lives they often are trying to maximize their health through natural health care procedures.

One thing that makes the Blair upper cervical chiropractic procedure stand out is its attention to each patient's unique misalignment pattern by using advanced imaging. The precise imaging allows the doctor to determine at the exact direction of spinal misalignment. Each patient's anatomy is unique and as a consequence, each patient has a unique pattern of upper neck spinal misalignment. The goal of blair care is to correct these spinal misalignments to allow the central nervous system to work better! One of our favorite quotes penned by the developer of chiropractic, BJ Palmer is, “ nature needs no help just no interference.” Our goal in our office is to remove impediments to the body's ability to function normally. Once the interference is corrected the body can recover lost function and health.

Whether you are an A-list actor, a mom, a student, or a child, if you have a spinal misalignment you can benefit from our care! 

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About David Hasselhoff

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Dr. Hall practiced in Los Angeles for 20 years. Eventually, word spread about a niche chiropractic procedure called the Blair upper cervical technique and even the “ hoff” had his neck corrected!

Whether you are 95 or 5 years old the Blair procedure has the same goal; locate, analyze, and correct upper cervical spinal misalignment with no “twisting”, “cracking”, or pulling. Most of us through-ought life have one or many blunt-type injuries that can cause the top bone in the neck to misalign from its normal position. The neck houses the brainstem, which is the most vital structure in the body. The brainstem controls almost all body functions we don’t consciously think about. As a result, upper cervical spinal misalignment can lead to a host of chronic health conditions including Ménière’s disease, fibromyalgia, vertigo, insomnia, depression, trigeminal neuralgia, occipital neuralgia, migraine, and many chronic pain disorders.

If you or a loved one suffers from any chronic health problem having an upper cervical chiropractic evaluation can be the first step toward regaining your health! 

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